Facts Choosing the quality of Lifetime of Shine Feminine throughout the Menopausal In accordance with the Menopause-Specific Lifestyle Questionnaire

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Background: Methods: The research tools were the menopause-specific quality of life (MENQOL) questionnaire and a standardized interview questionnaire comprising questions on the participants’ characteristics. The study involved 516 women using health care services who had symptoms caused by the menopause. Results: The value of the Cronbach’s alpha coefficient was 0.923. The discriminative power coefficients of all the questionnaire items were higher than 0.3. The study confirmed the validity and internal consistency of the Polish version of the MENQOL questionnaire for measuring the quality of life of postmenopausal women, suggesting that the tool can be used for screening menopausal symptoms in women. There was a relationship between general quality of life and age (p = 0.002), marital status (p < 0.001),>

step 1. Introduction

The fresh perimenopausal months in the a great woman’s life is an occasion you to relates Burma kauniita naisia to alterations in the feminine system out of premenopause, menopause and you may postmenopause. New premenopausal several months is described as a reduction in the fresh secretion out-of steroid hormones, brand new disappearance of fertility and appearance of individuals periods, and unusual bleeding . These change lead to the menopause, hence, depending on the Community Health Organization (WHO), scratches the newest psychological, permanent cessation away from periods because of the cessation from the new ovarian mode . It’s estimated that menopausal occurs on average between the many years forty-five and 55 . The newest peri-menopause period was on the changes in the hormone estrogen and you can progesterone density. The fresh resulting hormonal changes connect with ladies’ emotional and you can somatic performing and you may normally, thus, and additionally enable it to be tough to complete personal, professional and you can household members opportunities. Sizzling hot flushes, sweating, sleep interference, irritation, a heightened need to help you pee, sexual dysfunction although some will be most frequent problems one exists during this time period and you may obstruct everyday operating. Though it could have been seen you to women’s individual perceptions and attitudes regarding peri-menopause periods will vary commonly, such as transform have been proven to have a bad effect on ladies well being [step 3,cuatro,5]. The peri-menopause several months is even have a tendency to noted from the onset or exacerbation from disorder, such as diabetes, heart disease, weakening of bones and you will atherosclerosis, and this definitely apply to ladies’ standard of living [six,7].

Quality of life (QoL) is an interdisciplinary style included in some sciences and you will specialities, also drug, psychology, nursing, sociology, politics otherwise economics. Standard of living into the medicine suits to indicate the fresh new patient’s need and to help to make therapeutic conclusion, taking into account the new problems educated in addition to their affect the new patient’s lifestyle. Due to the multifaceted nature of your concept of top-notch existence, form of interest would be paid off toward precise set of the brand new lookup devices to own assessing standard of living from inside the personal degree . Once the center of the 20th century, the thought of the caliber of lives has been of great interest to many scientists and you may doctors speaking about individuals health insurance and mental problems. Brand new peri-menopausal months might have been no exception to that as a result of the upsurge in life expectancy, the significance having ladies health insurance and this new effect that the several months from every day life is as important as the fresh new reproductive period. It is estimated that most females alive one to-3rd of their lives in the peri-menopause period, which is why, among other things, it is critical to to focus on ladies wellness throughout this period of their life in order to be in a position to give them optimum total well being [5,9].

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